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Meeting with Mother’s Union leaders

At 11:30 am I had planned meeting to meet Mother Union Diocesan President, coordinator and Monica Akeer, sewing center teacher. This sewing center has fourteen working sewing machines. This center has been closed as last year for seven months flood water has been standing all over Bor. Seventy percent population was displaced. Sewing room was full of water. Mothers Union members have cleaned the room and ready to start teaching sewing skill to young ladies. They need assistance to buy sewing materials. I am able to help them with a grant to start the sewing center again. We prayed together and Asked God to bless the work of the sewing center that many shall benefit from this ministry.

I am here two more days. I am overwhelmed with the feelings that I love all my people in the Diocese of Bor. They are mine and I am their servant bishop. We are no more strangers to each other. We are brothers and sisters in Christ.

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