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Bishop Augustine's appointment to Bor is making local and national news. The unique nature of his appointment is described in detail in the Episcopal News Service article below. The two videos also provide an overview of Bishop Augustine's work and also highlight the positive interdenominational efforts of the La Crosse community as Bishop William Callahan of the Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse blessed and graciously donated to Bishop Augustine's efforts. 

Each webpage is embedded below to allow for viewing on If you would like to the view the pages on their own sites, please select the links above each article. 

Episcopal News ServiceGreat overview of Canon Augustine's mission and description of his unique appointment.

News8000 (WKBT-TV)La Crosse, WI news video describing Canon Augustine's appointment and mission.

Wizm NewsLa Crosse, WI news video describing Roman Catholic Bishop William Callahan's blessing of Canon Augustine.

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